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Thank you for joining me on a photographic journey… capturing the soul of the people I meet and the products I love. Let’s begin with the story of Sea Star Arts and how the name came to be…

A Sea Star, you see, is a precious creature that can bring a smile to just about anyone’s face! Also lovingly known as a starfish or basket stars, these precious sea creatures are my inspiration for my creative photography. Gliding across the ocean floor, sea stars have over 1800 known species and this diverse group of sparkling stars can reproduce a lost arm and heal on their own. Precious Healing Creatures! My “Sea Star” Lizabee and I have created art together since we were little girls… with artists as parents you are always encouraged and inspired. Over the years we have both had a passion for helping and encouraging others and our art was the vehicle. From the Beaufort Mermaids to our donations to great and wonderful causes, my Sea Star and I have given a part of our soul and our art to our community. With my camera I am able to give so much more, like to Operation R&R families and the Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center.

Along with all the great people I support, my camera supports you. It records and preserves those moments in your life that will live on forever because we met and I was there for you. Come walk on the beach with me and make some memories… xo -jeni

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